Hi, I’m Rohan

I’m an entrepreneur, currently building Jointcare, and investing through Chai Ventures. My core focuses are Healthcare, and Fintech; specifically around building ML-driven applications.

Prior to this, I’ve spent over 11 years in the Toronto-Waterloo tech. ecosystem in various roles and companies including leading Technology at VC fund Highline Beta; founding multiple startups; and having been on the early teams of Semantic Health, Pungle Payments (acq. 2019), Finaeo, Terapeak (acq. 2017), and Well.ca (acq. 2017).

Core Interests

  • Healthcare, specifically around using Machine Learning to surmount barriers within health informatics and data modelling.
  • Fintech, specifically around how we can build new robust protocols that help all humans build wealth, and participate in the growth of our global economy.
  • Society, specifically around solving real human problems like climate change, becoming a multi-planetary species, and educating our massively growing populations.
  • Sports; I am a fan of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, New England Patriots, FC Barcelona. I am 100% not a Leafs fan, and am embarrassed for my friends who were born into Leafs fandom.
  • Gaming; I primarily play Call of Duty Warzone, Halo Infinite, Factorio, and open-world RPGs.
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